Buchanan County GIS & Mapping

earthThe GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Department is new to Buchanan County with its formal implementation in Nov 2013.

The responsibility of the Department is to oversee, manage, and coordinate the development and maintenance of the county-wide GIS databases, in addition to coordinating and maintaining the E911 service plan and managing the E911 communications system.  The responsibility of the staff is to develop, provide access to, and the distribution of GIS/E911 data, technology, and mapping services to multiple departments, agencies, and users within the Buchanan County local government.

A primary function of the Department will be to maintain the land parcel boundaries for all properties owned in the County, as many of the County's most basic services rely on this information to be accurate and up-to-date.  Emergency response, resource conservation, infrastructure maintenance, economic development, planning, and voting activities all involve the storage of, access to, and analysis of, various land records.  The Department will provide efficient access to information such as addresses, tax parcels, zoning, land use, buildings, roads, utilities, elevations, floodplains, response districts, voting wards, and many other types and combinations of land information that is critical for various functions of local government, and the public as well.

Given time to develop its central repository of spatial and tabular data, the GIS Department will grow to play a critical part in numerous county operations: from parcel mapping to planning and zoning; flood response to secondary roads asset mapping; evaluations of well and septic systems to conservation practices; and E911 mapping.  The benefits of the Department will be quantified through cost savings from greater efficiency, better decision making, improved communication, better geographic accountability, and ultimately better services being provided to the public.