goldfinchIntegrated Roadside Vegetation Management (IRVM) is the systematic and specific approach to roadside vegetation management.  In Buchanan County, the answer to weed control is a combination of planting native tallgrass prairie and spot spraying of weeds. Native vegetation controls weeds, prevents erosion, and provides wildlife habitat.

IRVM is a systematic process of applying various techniques to provide cost-effective and environmentally safe management of vegetation along public rights-of-way.  This management program promotes diverse plant communities such as long-lived native prairie species.  Important goals of IRVM include maintaining a safe travel environment, controlling noxious weeds and soil erosion, sustaining water quality, improving wildlife habitat, and providing the public with aesthetically pleasing roadsides.

Furthermore, IRVM can be defined as a long term approach to vegetation management that:

  • Systematically evaluates each area to be managed.
  • Determines which plant communities best fit the area.
  • Develops procedures that will encourage, enhance or re-establish native plant communities.
  • Provides self-sustaining, diversified, visually interesting vegetation.
  • Keeps safety and an improved environment as priorities.
  • Utilizes the most beneficial methods to prevent or correct undesirable situations caused by disturbance or less than optimum vegetative ground cover.