Buchanan County Secondary Roads Department


Buchanan County Local Road Safety Plan:

Safety of the Travelling Public and its employees is of the Utmost importance to the Buchanan County Supervisors and the Buchanan County Engineer. The development of the Buchanan County Local Road Safety Plan is a key step to accomplish this goal. It is thoroughly recognized that there is insufficient funds to accomplish all the desired improvements so a plan such as this is a method to identify the desired improvements and aid in their implementation. This plan has been in effect for several years and the results have been exceptionally good.

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Snow Removal Notice:

Buchanan County Secondary Road Department would like to remind all Buchanan County residents that pushing snow onto or across the county right of way is prohibited per the Iowa Code.  We all know that snow is harder to move the second time.  When this snow is left on the road, it becomes a hazard to the public and to us, in addition to being a legal misdemeanor.  This snow becomes very hard and can cause damage to vehicles and county equipment and anyone who does this may be held liable for accidents caused by the deposited snow.  Thank you, we appreciate your cooperation! 

  • The Buchanan County Secondary Roads Department is responsible for all the construction and maintenance on the county highway system.

Construction of Lamont Maintenance Shop put out to bid by Buchanan County Secondary Road Dept:

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