Real Estate Records


The Auditor is the Overseer of the County Plats. All documents dealing with the transfer of real estate recorded in the Recorder’s Office are also filed in the Auditor’s Office. Each document is proofed for accuracy and the chain of title researched. The document is then entered into the Transfer Record. Plat and Transfer Records are maintained showing the ownership of all parcels of land for taxation purposes. The Auditor may cause subdivisions to be platted when necessary and accordingly revises the county plats.

Records and plans filed in the Auditors office include:

  • Manure Management Plans, Plan Updates, and Livestock Confinement Construction Permits are filed in the Auditor’s Office.
  • Drainage Records and Assessments are maintained by the Auditor’s Office. 
Plat Books:

Buchanan County Plat Books are available in the Auditor's Office for $27.00 each.  You may request a Plat Book to be mailed by sending a check for $30.25 ($3.25 mailing fee) along with your address.  If you feel you should be receiving a Plat Book each year you may click on this link to contact Farm & Home Publishers.

Taxable Evaluations:

January 1, 2019 for FY20/21 Taxable Valuations
January 1, 2018 for FY19/20 Taxable Valuations
January 1, 2017 for FY18/19 Taxable Valuations
January 1, 2016 for FY17/18 Taxable Valuations
January 1, 2015 for FY16/17 Taxable Valuations
January 1, 2014 for FY15/16 Taxable Valuations 
January 1, 2013 for FY14/15 Taxable Valuations
January 1, 2012 for FY13/14 Taxable Valuations